How to Stop Permanent Eyes Most Quickly and Easily Without Extension

Currently, many women are eager to have a charming appearance, one of them by changing the eyelashes, can with eyelash extension, or it could be a manual and natural way. Here is how to get the lashes as you wish.


Eyelashes can create a sexy impression on the overall makeup look. The secret is, of course, applying the mascara correctly. Through the make-up is reinforced by the application of mascara, you will be more expressive. The use of mascara is the last process of wearing upon the eye. So apply the whole makeup of moisturizer, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush on before you brush the lashes with mascara.

Apply from the inside up, from the roots to the outer edge of the eyelashes. Wait up to 30 seconds for mascara to stick and dry on the lashes and you can apply it twice. Keep in mind the lower eyelashes are not as big as the upper eyelashes and require only a little mascara. To apply the lower eyelashes, apply a mascara brush by standing the tip of the brush down, then apply in a way the movement decreases. See also semi-permanent mascara.


Talking about tips Stopping eyelashes permanently is not an easy thing without the help of a beauty doctor. Seeing how to take drugs and surgery graft eyelashes are quite expensive and spraying.

The first natural way you can use honey as a treatment liquid to stop the lashes. The way is quite easy, select the original honey in the nearest market, take a little honey with cotton buds, apply slowly to your eyelashes and close your eyes for 25-30 minutes. Perform this treatment on a regular basis to get maximum results.

Olive oil

Surely you already know how good olive oil for body beauty issues is not it? In addition, to moisturize the skin and nourish the scalp, olive oil can be used as a natural remedy to stop the lashes.

The trick is still the same as before, just apply olive oil with cotton buds to eyelashes and close your eyes for a while until dry olive oil.

Pure Milk

The content of compounds in milk is not necessary for doubt. Vitamin and protein rich in milk are not only good for the inside of the body but also good for the outside of the body.

Another can tighten and remove dull stains on the skin, pure milk turns out to help stop the lashes. For how to apply the same as before, just apply milk to the eyelashes then rinse with cold water if the milk is drying.

Cutting Eyelashes

This one is quite common. For those who do not know, cutting the eyelashes as much as once a month was able to stop the lashes naturally and permanently. With the help of small scissors and eyelash curler, you can get lashes tap without any problems.