Seeking In Home Healthcare

When you or someone you love is no longer able to live independently, the decision about what comes next can be heartbreaking. It is no secret that many elderly people prefer to age in their own home. That makes sense, it is what they know and where they are comfortable. Change is scary, and nursing homes don’t always have the best reputation.

Staying home can be scary in a different way, for both the individual and their loved ones. Without the skills necessary to live independently, spending time at home means risking falls, inadequate nutrition, and hygiene problems. Couple that with concern over ongoing medical issues and it is easy to see why staying home seems impossible.

Using assisted living at home services is one way to keep your loved one in their home for a longer period of time. Skilled nursing help can provide much of the same care that would normally be available in the nursing home setting. Trained staff can monitor health status, dispense medications, change wound dressings, provide physical and occupational therapy and simply visit with the patient.

Skilled in-home healthcare providers can provide short term help as a loved one recovers from an illness or hospitalization, or long term care as part of the normal aging process. When selecting someone to work with your loved ones, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Find out how long the provider has been in the area. You want an established company that you can trust to be there for your loved one. Ask about financial arrangements. Medicare pays for in-home care under certain conditions. If your loved one is recovering from hospitalization or the care is recommended by a doctor, part-time help may be covered. It is important to have a plan in place for paying for the service, and the healthcare agency has experience in these matters and may have some recommendations.

You should also know exactly what type of care your loved one will receive. For some needs, a trained caregiver will be sufficient. If your loved one needs help bathing and preparing meals, this may be the perfect, more affordable option. If your loved one has more extensive needs, is a fall risk, or otherwise needs closer or more highly skilled supervision, you want to make sure the company provides that option as well.