Don’t Stop Masturbation After Marriage, This Is the Reason

Don’t underestimate masturbation. Although it can be done alone, but this solo session can provide benefits for married couples.

Research indicates that masturbation can increase happiness, boost confidence, and reduce stress levels – all of these factors contribute to creating good relationships.

So, even if you are married, there is no need to stop masturbating. This is the benefit you can get if you continue to do it:

1. Maintaining sex drive remains high

When you are married long enough, it is rather difficult to maintain passion as high as the beginning of the first relationship. But masturbation can keep your feelings as sexual beings. To keep maintain your passion, you can order Viagra Online on Canadian Pharmacy. With the Viagra, you can make your erection last longer and can get the pleasure when on the bed.

“Having sex can build passion,” said Sadie Allison, author of The Mystery of The Undercover Clitoris. “For women and men, masturbation maintains the healthy function of your sex organs. As the saying goes, the more you do it, the more you want it.”

2. Having an active fantasy

Imagining about an artist or a sexy model can help keep sex in your mind. Heaven is a limitation of scenarios that you can imagine. And marriage relationships can take advantage of this increase in your interest in sex.

“Fantasy is very normal, and whatever you want to imagine is okay,” Allison said about masturbation. “It’s safe and personal, and no one needs to know about your fantasy. That’s why they are just fantasies.”

3. Take care of yourself

The longer you are with your partner, the easier it is for you to become accustomed to sexual routines.

Masturbation is a way to declare you alone responsible for your own enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if other people give it to you.

“Masturbation can be a good reminder, that you are responsible for your own happiness,” Allison said.

4. You can beat stress

Which relationship will not be better with a lower stress level? Masturbation will drain endorphins throughout the body. So, it makes sense that everyone who is in a long-term relationship can take advantage of a solo love session.

“Research shows, orgasm can improve mood as the body releases the hormone dopamine which provides pleasure, which can free you from stress,” Allison continued.

5. You will know your own preferences

The best way to be a generous partner is to know your own preferences, so you can share them with your partner. So, consider masturbation as a mission to find and get to know your body more.

“As your body changes because of your age, interest and your sexual preferences also change,” Allison said. “The method you previously liked can no longer be effective. Masturbation will always provide a safe and personal space for you to find new techniques.”

6. You will get the best of both

Even if you are very loving and have been married a long time with a partner, that does not mean you no longer consider other people attractive.

Masturbation can be a positive way to indulge the fantasy while keeping the flames of your wedding passion burning.

“Just because two people decide to spend their lives together doesn’t mean that their body has the same schedule, sex drive, sexual appetite, or stamina,” Allison said. “Masturbation is a great solution to solve this difference.